Dugong, The Gentle Mermaid of the Sea

The Dugong, also known as the “Mermaid of the Sea”, is one of the most beautiful and tranquil creatures of the sea. They are one of the most harmless underwater creatures as they just graze through the seagrass and brush through the sand. It takes a lot of patience for a dugong sighting. They are also quite rare, so seeing one up close is an amazing experience and a great story to tell!

They are usually found at the Northern part of Busuanga Island, near Dimipac Island and Calauit Safari Island. You can easily see them from the surface if you go snorkelling, or you can come into a closer viewpoint with them by scuba diving. Those places are the usual Dugong watching spots around Busuanga, however once in a blue moon, a dugong can be spotted right in front of La Estancia Busuanga in the early morning when the sun starts to rise up and the sea is as calm and clear as glass.


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For Dugong Watching Activities, you may contact Abehsuanga Travel and Tours at Abehsuanga Travel and Tours or you may also get in touch with Dugong Dive Center at Dugong Dive Center.

*Image grabbed from Dugong Dive Center FB page.

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